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Sparkrock provides your tribal government software with the accounting and HR technology needed to manage your community in a secure cloud-based environment.  

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Simplify and Secure Your Financial Processes with Technology and the Right Teammate.

No one comprehends the technology needs of tribal governments and business enterprises better than Sparkrock. The security and availability of tribal government services are crucial dependencies for all tribal members, and our extensive experience in this field is invaluable.

We deploy enterprise solutions, including ERP for tribal governments, that digitally revolutionize the services and engagement of the community as it evolves. Our experiences in understanding the intricacies of tribal government management allow us to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

We've successfully delivered multiple solutions to our tribal customers across North America. These solutions not only streamline operations but also enhance tribal member services. We take immense pride in empowering your tribe with technology that engages the community and paves the way for future generations.

Next-Generation Accounting Tribal Governments Software.

Sparkrock 365 is the leading accounting software offering built for tribes. Developed on Dynamics 365 Business Central, our application features finance, HR management, payroll, and reporting, all wrapped into one powerful system. Finally, disparate systems, laborious manual processes, and data discrepancies are a thing of the past.

With the security and stability of Microsoft, the tribal-specific functions and expertise from Sparkrock 365, our “best of both worlds” solution will meet your tribe's requirements in a way no other out-of-the-box option can.

Financial Management Applications Feature Overview

Our cloud-based applications on Dynamics 365 give you peace-of-mind with a secure environment and a reduction of paper-based processes. Reporting is accurate. Data integrity is intact. Data entry is optimized, so errors are reduced. Staff members perform tasks more quickly, and governance is managed under one secure, integrated system.
General Ledger
Any modern and robust financial system starts with the needed functionality to set up your general ledger postings, chart of accounts, recurring journals, and source codes. The differentiator: Dynamics 365 Finance and Sparkrock 365 come with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use chart of accounts and dimensional structure designed to provide a robust general ledger to meet the diverse funding
sources used by a tribal government. Sparkrock 365 optimizes ad-hoc inquiries and reporting while helping your team reduce data entry. Flexibility is key, and the dimensional structure brings huge benefits to its users and provides rule definition options that add dimensional reporting to all entry types.
Financial Reporting
Get rich insight into your financials with a comprehensive analysis of data from your general ledger across intuitive interfaces. Your data = your choice. Flexibility in row and column definitions allows you to analyze your data and combine it to produce accurate financial statements and reports. We help you navigate the complexity of multi-entity government and enterprise accounting with automated reporting customized to your needs. Sparkrock 365 brings world-class financial insights through embedded Microsoft Power BI dashboards and analytical reports giving real-time views of financial data in meaningful ways to enable Sparkrock 365 users to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.
Fund Accounting
The complexity of fund accounting is simplified by keeping all transactions and financial statements organized to meet the unique requirements of different funding sources. Satisfy the specifications for fund accounting by recording inter-fund entries for A/P, A/R, and General Journals. Intuitively, the system will tabulate and post the due-to and due-from entries on your behalf, enabling users to focus on more meaningful tasks while automating the fund balance entries throughout the application.
Project and Grant Management
Your ability to manage grants and capital projects as they happen in Sparkrock 365 is a functionality designed with tribes in mind. Budgets, encumbrances, requisitions, and actuals are fully integrated with your general ledger, purchasing, reporting, and accounts payable to ensure capital projects adhere to budget requirements and grants are effectively tracked and
appropriately spent.
We provide your tribal government with simplified, distributed budget planning designed with the budget controls you need to stay on target with operating expenses, grant funding, HR/Payroll, fixed asset, and capital budget. This is fully
integrated into the system to enable
encumbrance management and
budgetary controls to ensure programs, departments, and grants remain in check with budget spending.

With the power of Dynamics 365, the platform’s extensive invoicing capabilities equip you with:

  • Member receivables tracking
  • Project/Job invoicing
  • Grant receivables
  • Custom sales invoicing
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Revenue recognition
  • Other accounts receivable management
  • Collection management
  • Cash and bank management
Procurement to Payment

In addition to invoicing, our procurement-to-payment functionality includes:

  • Purchasing, inventory, warehouse management
  • Web-based procurement, receiving and accounts payable invoicing
  • Travel requisition and web-based expense management
  • Barcode and scanning for inventory and fixed assets tracking
  • Paperless purchasing and accounts payable invoice workflows
  • Vendor license management
  • Document attachments – master records and transactions

Business Intelligence for Next-Level Insights

Enhance your data analytics and make reporting a breeze with the power of Dynamics 365 and Power BI. Provide powerful insights to your tribal council and leadership teams.

    • Utilize centralized reporting portals to give self-service reporting access
    • Role-based security so users can only see what they need
    • Consolidated financial and operational reporting
    • Configurable dashboards with state-of-the-art visualizations
  • Plan for the future with budgeting and forecasting

Human Capital Management with Sparkrock 365

Your modern HCM solution starts here. Human resources operations, payroll, scheduling, and time entry are made simple with Sparkrock 365.

Fully integrated with accounting and reporting, this is the ultimate software solution for tribal governments. HR features include:

  • Employee management
  • Absence and leave management
  • Employee and management self-service
  • Position and seniority management
  • Compensation management
  • Training and qualifications management
  • Benefit management

Ensure your payroll process is accurate and streamlined. Concentrate on serving your tribal members rather than operational complexities with:

  • Advanced calculations
  • Direct Deposits
  • Direct and Indirect Cost Allocations
  • Comparison Analysis
  • Pay Codes and Deduction Codes
  • Compensation Journal Validation
  • Employee Earnings Allocation

Sparkrock 365’s scheduling and time entry functionality enables staffing transparency, automates workflows, and helps your organization maintain oversight of labor costs. Features include:

  • Overtime Costs
  • Right Candidate, Right Job
  • Schedule Management
  • Seniority/Priority Listing
  • Scheduling/Payroll Integration
  • Time Clock
  • Shift Trading
  • Time Entry

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