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For Human Services

Discover a single finance, HR, payroll and scheduling solution for simplified purchasing, reporting, budgeting, case management, and more.


Handle your complex financial and workforce requirements with ease thanks to a tailored solution built especially for your sector. Improve efficiency so you can put more resources where it really matters – serving your clients.


Breakdown silos between finance, HR, and payroll with an integrated software solution. Reduce errors, bottlenecks, and miscommunication with systems that talk to each other.


Empower your team and organization with real-time budget, purchasing, and funding information, so you’re making informed decisions every time.

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Sparkrock Finance

Empower your finance team

Regain control and visibility with tools tailor made to meet your tracking and reporting needs.

Solve your biggest headaches

No more manual input, real-time budget tracking, end-to-end purchasing visibility – solve your biggest challenges with easy and automated processes.

Make data-driven decisions

Take the guesswork out of forecasting and planning with real-time data and complex reporting at your fingertips.

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As trusted partners we guide you through implementation, offer ongoing expert support, and consistently invest in our purpose-built platform and solutions to continually evolve and improve to serve you better.

Sparkrock Workforce

Improve productivity

Give your HR team some time back with streamlined time, attendance, and payroll management.

No more unfilled shifts

Take the stress out of scheduling with an accessible online platform and smart data for easy assignments and shift replacement.

Centralize employee data

Cut down on paperwork and manual processes with an integrated solution that breaks down silos between HR, finance, payroll, and frontline managers.

Better case management

Set objectives and track progress to measure impact and outcomes. Improve organization-wide visibility, and easily report results to funders.


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See what the fuss is about with a demo of Sparkrock's solution, targeted to your specific requirements.

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Case Study


Community Living South Muskoka

“Having worked with Sparkrock since 2007, we trust their social services expertise and ability to deliver on time and on budget.”

– Christine Jenkins, Supervisor of Administration

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