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Your goal? Change the world. Our goal? Help you reach your goal with technology and it services for nonprofits.

Sparkrock 365 IT services for nonprofits is the only cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that’s built specifically for the needs of charities like yours.

One Solution For Simplified
Purchasing, Reporting, Budgeting
& Scheduling

Generate data insights and gain full visibility into your organization with one source of truth.
Share financial data and insights in real-time without generating time-consuming reports.
Eliminate bottlenecks in your procurement process and improve your budgetary controls.
Reduce administrative spend by eliminating burdensome paperwork and manual processes.

Sparkrock 365:
Purpose-Built ERP Software for Charity Organizations and it services for nonprofits

Sparkrock 365 integrates finance, workforce management, payroll, and employee scheduling into one cloud-based application.

Sparkrock 365 makes reporting stress-free, reduces repetitive data entry time and risk, and ensures the minimal administration required to run your organization. We support your digital transformation from paper-based processes to automated and intelligent online workflows—all in a secure environment.

How We Serve Our Customers

School ERP Software
Finance & Procurement
Reduce errors, duplication, and delays with an integrated system that seamlessly connects your organization’s finances. Automate tedious administrative tasks and mitigate financial risk.
Human Resources
Manage employee records, performance appraisals, benefits, training, and even collective agreements easier with our modern HR system. Add, modify, and approve job requisitions to streamline your hiring process.
Ensure an accurate, streamlined payroll process that frees up time for your employees to focus on less mundane tasks. Maintain hassle-free payroll calculations or customize them to your unique needs.
Scheduling & Time Entry
Increase transparency, automate workflows, and help your organization maintain oversight of labor costs. Our software makes scheduling more efficient with templates, auto-fill settings, and self-service capabilities.

Using Sparkrock 365 for for Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations

In a world where efficiency and effectiveness are paramount, it's critical for charities and nonprofit organizations to leverage technology to streamline their operations. One such technological advancement that's making a significant difference in the sector is Sparkrock 365, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed specifically for nonprofits and charities.

ERP Software for Charities

A child joyfully receiving a bag of toys from a volunteer at a charity. Sparkrock 365 ERP enhances efficiency for charities, providing extra time and resources to address their needs through technological optimization.
Charitable institutions often grapple with unique challenges that conventional businesses don't face. They need specific tools to manage their operations, and this is where ERP software comes into play. Sparkrock 365 is one of the best ERP solutions specifically created to meet the needs of charities.
Nonprofit ERP software like Sparkrock 365 is specially designed to handle the complex business processes inherent in nonprofit organizations. From financial management to inventory management and project management, Sparkrock 365 provides a comprehensive solution to coordinate all aspects of a nonprofit's operations.

Nonprofit ERP Software: A Game Changer

A volunteer compassionately distributing food to children. Sparkrock 365 ERP empowers charities, optimizing efficiency for more time and resources to address crucial needs through technology.

Financial Management and Fund Accounting

A disaster relief volunteer offering crucial aid. Sparkrock 365 ERP enables efficient disaster response, ensuring organizations have more time and resources to address urgent needs through advanced technology.
One of the key features of Sparkrock 365 is its robust financial management capabilities. It streamlines budgeting, financial planning, and fund accounting, allowing nonprofits to efficiently manage their finances. It also ensures seamless integration with other financial systems.
Effective business process management is crucial for the success of any organization. Sparkrock 365 offers powerful tools for managing business processes, including sales management, customer relationship management (CRM), and asset management.

Business Process Management

A man proudly holding a blue ribbon for health research charity. Sparkrock 365 ERP aids health charities, enhancing efficiency and dedicating more time and resources to critical research initiatives.

Inventory and Project Management

A healthcare professional helping two seniors with a puzzle at a senior citizen charity. Sparkrock 365 ERP supports senior citizen charities, optimizing efficiency for enhanced care and assistance.
For nonprofits handling multiple programs, inventory management can be a daunting task. Sparkrock 365 provides robust inventory management features, helping organizations track and manage their resources effectively. In addition, its project management features enable nonprofits to plan, execute, and monitor their projects efficiently.
Choosing the right ERP software is vital for nonprofits. Sparkrock 365 is among the best ERP software for nonprofits because it's built with their unique needs in mind. It not only offers a comprehensive suite of services but also integrates seamlessly with many other common tools, enhancing its functionality.

The Right ERP Software: Sparkrock 365

A volunteer from an animal rescue charity holding a cat. Sparkrock 365 ERP enhances efficiency for animal charities, allowing more time and resources for vital rescue efforts through technology.

Global Companies and Nonprofits

Participants in costumes joyfully completing a charity run. Sparkrock 365 ERP supports charity events, optimizing efficiency for smoother organization and better resource allocation through technology.
Global companies and smaller nonprofits alike can benefit from implementing an ERP system like Sparkrock 365. By streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and providing real-time data, it helps organizations make informed decisions and achieve their objectives.

Its wide range of features and functions, specifically designed to meet the needs of these organizations, makes it a valuable asset in managing their operations effectively and efficiently.

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