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Introducing Sparkrock 365 community development software
Developed specifically for the needs of community development organizations like yours, Sparkrock 365 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that’s deployed in the cloud so that you transform lives sooner.

As a purpose-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, Sparkrock 365 is tailored to cater specifically to community development organizations. It integrates key aspects of operations, such as finance, workforce management, payroll, and employee scheduling into one comprehensive system. The software is designed to handle fund accounting, expense tracking, and the complexities of managing restricted funds, making it an invaluable tool for any organization.

Tailoring ERP Solutions with Sparkrock 365

A group of community development employees work together while standing. Community Development ERP software helps transform lives sooner.

Enhancing Human Capital Management

Community growth organizers and volunteers paint a mural on a wall outside. ERP software for community development organizations allow smooth processes to promote community growth.

Moreover, with its Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities, Sparkrock 365 supports not just the organization, but also its employees, driving growth and efficiency at every level. By managing journal entries and micro verticals, the software ensures smooth operational processes.

One of the standout features of Sparkrock 365 is its ability to navigate the intricacies of risk, compliance, grants, and reporting. This means your organization is always audit-ready, with all aspects of finance and access seamlessly managed.

Navigating Risk and Compliance Effortlessly

Community garden tended to be a young girl and her parent. ERP software for community development organizations help you embrace digital transformation to effectively drive positive change.

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Operations

Community development employees work together on a project. Embrace digital transformation with Sparkrock 365, an ERP software for community development organizations.

Furthermore, Sparkrock 365's power lies in its capacity to integrate with other tools and services. Whether your organization deals with permits, licensing, or revenue management, this robust system can handle it all, providing a complete picture of your operations.

By embracing the digital transformation capabilities of Sparkrock 365, community development organizations can effectively meet their demands and drive positive change more efficiently. So why wait? Start changing lives, sooner, with Sparkrock 365.

Embracing Digital Transformation with Sparkrock 365

Group of 4 adults, one woman and three men, work together on a community development project. Sparkrock 365 empowers community development organizations to do what they do best.

One Solution For Simplified
Purchasing, Reporting, Budgeting
& Scheduling

Generate data insights and gain full visibility into your organization with one source of truth.
Share financial data and insights in real-time without generating time-consuming reports.
Eliminate bottlenecks in your procurement process and improve your budgetary controls.
Reduce administrative spend by eliminating burdensome paperwork and manual processes.

Sparkrock 365:
Purpose-Built ERP Software for Community Development Organizations

Sparkrock 365 integrates finance, workforce management, payroll, and employee scheduling into one SaaS-based application.

Sparkrock 365 makes reporting stress-free, reduces repetitive data entry time and risk, and ensures the minimal administration required to run your organization. We support your digital transformation from paper-based processes to automated and intelligent online workflows—all in a secure environment.

We focus on delivering solutions that make a substantial difference in the lives of those served by community and nonprofit organizations. Our integration services are designed to meet the demands of this sector, enhancing the quality of life for all. Take the step towards better community development today.

How We Serve Our Customers

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Finance & Procurement
Reduce errors, duplication, and delays with an integrated system that seamlessly connects your organization’s finances. Automate tedious administrative tasks and mitigate financial risk.
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Human Resources
Manage employee records, performance appraisals, benefits, training, and even collective agreements easier with our modern HR system. Add, modify, and approve job requisitions to streamline your hiring process.
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Ensure an accurate, streamlined payroll process that frees up time for your employees to focus on less mundane tasks. Maintain hassle-free payroll calculations or customize them to your unique needs.
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Scheduling & Time Entry
Increase transparency, automate workflows, and help your organization maintain oversight of labor costs. Our software makes scheduling more efficient with templates, auto-fill settings, and self-service capabilities.

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