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Customer Profile

The Robin Hood Association is committed to excellence in assisting individuals with disabilities to achieve their personal best and experience a quality lifestyle. Individuals served by the Robin Hood Association will have the opportunity to experience a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle based on personal choice, dignity and respect.

The Challenge

Before they implemented their Sparkrock solution, The Robin Hood Association was using 4 different systems across Administration and Finance. They had a very manual payroll process, and had around 700-800 timesheets that they had to manually code and key every two-week pay cycle. Their master schedule for 55 locations was managed by an excel spreadsheet and one person, their Master Scheduler, who’s brilliant at what he does but when he goes away on holidays it’s very difficult for anyone to fill in because the knowledge that he holds, up til now, was only in his head. This left a lot of room for error and put a lot of pressure on one or two people who were in charge of scheduling and payroll, creating a lack of shared accountability across the organization.

Selecting Sparkrock

Now the Robin Hood Association has all four modules implemented and stable.

“The magic and the beauty of the system is how the modules link together for admin and financial purposes. That is why the solution is so cool, because it links everything together.”

Trevor Ducharme
Director of Administration

With their new integrated system, Human Resources manages people’s positions and the financial allocations that are linked to those positions, the scheduler and the scheduling module manages the planned live schedules of the individuals, payroll manages the actual hours that people work, and then finance is the end result of all that information trickling through the system.

Within the financial module they now can find all of their organization’s financial data, fed by the other modules. This allows then to easily assemble comprehensive financial reports to submit to their Board, and gives them deeper insight to make crucial organizational decisions.

“The best thing about the Sparkrock solution is the way it links Human Resources to Scheduling, to Payroll, and then ultimately to Finance. Now that we have all four modules implemented and stable, the magic and the beauty of it is how they speak to one another for admin and financial purposes.” 

Trevor Ducharme
Director of Administration

The Outcome

They are growing very quickly at Robin Hood, there is a high demand for service, and the solution helps them accommodate that rapid growth. Now that everything is in one solution and all linked together, Robin Hood is now able to share all of their information – all the schedules for all the staff across all the locations – and make it transparent and available for everyone.

Staff can view their schedules, supervisors can view the timesheets, they can both verify that it’s correct, and then payroll just has to hit a button and the money goes to the bank. Now instead of having one person managing the schedule, there are 100 supervisors and 500 employees all doing their piece.

“It’s such a streamlined process nowadays versus the manual process that it once was and we have extra eyes looking at it instead of just the schedule person and the payroll person”

Trevor Ducharme
Director of Administration

As well, implementing an Employee Portal alongside their solutions has allowed them to link the entire organization with over 55 locations through a common tool (Locations, schedules, reporting structures, timelines, checks and balances, etc.), which has also helped grow the skill sets of their staffing base.

Robin Hood is also looking forward to connecting the last piece of their puzzle, which is Sparkrock’s Case Management module. They chose a system like Sparkrock because they want to ensure that they’re protecting the individuals that they serve by safeguarding their personal, confidential information.

“If you’re using a network drive or network files, there’s always risk of accidental deletion, copy-paste issues, or saving overtop of important information. With Case Management, we’ll be able to eliminate issues of deleting on accident or copying and replacing information, so it’s going to be a much more secure solution for keeping client data safe and protecting the information of the individuals that we support.”

Trevor Ducharme
Director of Administration

Ducharme also praises the Customer Success and Support team at Sparkrock, saying

“The support that we receive from the team at Sparkrock is very timely when we need it. Sometimes with payroll, when you’re under the gun or in a crunch situation, you need that support, you need it now, and you need it done right. Sparkrock has been there for us every time, and we’re very grateful for that support.”

Trevor Ducharme
Director of Administration

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