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A job interview between two men is taking place. ACCES Employment utilized Sparkrock 365's cloud-based ERP for nonprofits to improve their workflows and help their organization help more job seekers in the process.

Customer Profile

ACCES Employment provides a wide range of job search programs and services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They assist job seekers from diverse backgrounds who are facing barriers to employment. Through employment services, linking employers to skilled people, and building strong networks with community partners, ACCES helps integrate job seekers into the Canadian job market.

Haykaz Ghazanchyan is a Director of Finance for ACCES Employment.

The Challenge

ACCES has been experiencing significant expansion and, as a result, required a more sophisticated solution to help manage its financial processes effectively. The existing financial system was primarily designed for accounting purposes and lacked the comprehensive, cloud-based capabilities of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

ACCES needed a solution that would streamline the following:

  • Documentation
  • Workflows
  • Approval processes

"Our organization wanted to manage financial processes more effectively. By doing everything on one platform, we could increase our data accuracy and efficiency in reporting and analytics."

Haykaz Ghazanchyan
Director of Finance, ACCES Employment

With numerous projects, each with unique financial and non-financial requirements, “You need to make sure you have the data organized if funders or an auditor requests it. We needed something more advanced,” said Ghazanchyan.

Selecting Sparkrock 365

Ghazanchyan had a clear objective - to streamline the organization's financial processes, improve data accuracy, and increase efficiency in reporting and analytics. ACCES Employment required a robust tool for financial reporting and project management that could serve multiple departments and projects.

Sparkrock 365 offered more than just accounting support. It could efficiently manage and simplify financial documentation and workflow approvals digitally. This platform would be implemented across all five organizational departments and projects, optimizing financial and project reporting. With over 30 projects, ACCES required an ERP system capable of organizing both financial and non-financial data in a single, integrated platform.

“We felt Sparkrock 365 would be the right fit for our needs,” asserted Ghazanchyan.

The Outcome

With Sparkrock 365, ACCES Employment achieved a transformational shift in its financial processes. Haykaz Ghazanchyan describes the impact, "With Sparkrock, it's like having 35 different accounts in one big account."

The organization successfully automated numerous manual tasks, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Most notably, Sparkrock 365 streamlined the submission, approval, and storage of documents within the system. It is not limited to finance and includes all departments in the organization.

"This reduces the time spent tracking documents and facilitates communication within the platform to address any issues or challenges promptly."

Haykaz Ghazanchyan
Director of Finance, ACCES Employment

ACCES now boasts more organized and accurate financial information compared to its previous accounting system. Ghazanchyan remarked, "[Sparkrock 365’s ERP] creates confidence across the organization. We are confident that we have all the information and that it’s accurate.”

Additionally, the reporting process has been dramatically improved with data accessible in one centralized platform, allowing for the effective use of tools like Jet Reports and Power BI. ACCES provides project performance reports to all 30-35 project teams, offering insights into their budgets and anticipated progress. The organization also delivers analytic reports to leadership teams and departmental budgets to individual departments.

Optimizing operational efficiency is at the core of ACCES's ERP implementation. There have been improvements to organization and accuracy across the board. Sparkrock 365’s comprehensive solution has enhanced their financial processes and paved the way for improved data-driven decision-making within the organization, benefiting employees and leadership alike.

Additional Benefits

Finance teams aren’t the only ones to benefit from Sparkrock 365’s comprehensiveness. Microsoft tools like Power BI can connect with Sparkrock 365 to create visually engaging and comprehensible financial content for non-financial users.

Currently, the financial team at ACCES provides all financial information and analytic reports to various departments monthly, as those departments lack the tools to monitor their financial standing in real time.

ACCES plans to use Power BI to create easier-to-understand content for their non-financial users.

“With Power BI, we hope to provide all our departments with the tools they need to understand their financial standing at any given moment.”

Haykaz Ghazanchyan
Director of Finance, ACCES Employment

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