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Nonprofit Survey

Your Mission? Make the World a Better Place.

Our mission?  Make that easier for you with technology.

Thanks for reading the email, and as we suggested in order for us to focus on the most critical parts of software, we want to truly understand what is most important to you.

Please take this 10 second survey to help us  help you.  Select your Top 3 Challenges as it relates to your nonprofit organization.  If you only have one or two, that is fine as well.

This survey is 100% anonymous and the ONLY information tracked is the respond time and the options chosen. 

Please select the Top 3 items that could be holding your organization back.

what our partnership with Microsoft means for your organization

Ease of Adoption

Sparkrock 365 offers navigation that’s similar to Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Personalization ensures employees get access to insights tailored to their role.

And, connect to your system based on whatever interface is required, i.e. Web client, Microsoft teams, PowerApps, or a device client.

Connect More Tools with
Microsoft Teams and Power Platform
Unlock increased value from your ERP data. Sparkrock 365 works with the Microsoft Common Data Service, which lets you securely store and manage data used by an ecosystem of business applications, including the Office productivity suite, Power BI analytics, LinkedIn, and most third party API’s.
Future-Proof the Organization
Transform your operation based on a dependable product development roadmap. Between Sparkrock 365’s industry-specific feature enhancements and Microsoft’s deep pockets for platform innovation, you can count on monthly updates and continuous platform enhancements. With Microsoft driving the roadmap, this will most likely be your very last ERP implementation.

Are you ready to spark change?

With Sparkrock 365, you'll have the tools to manage your finances and workforce more efficiently so you can focus on what you do best. Go from paper-based processes to intelligent online workflows, and access the data you need to make a real difference in your community.
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