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Sparkrock 365  X Microsoft webinar Series

Our three-part webinar series delves into key strategies and best practices for de-risking your nonprofit's technology platform. This series is tailored to Nonprofit leaders in Finance, HR, and IT.
If you missed a webinar from the series, don't sweat! Catch the recordings below (we will post them after each one). If you haven't registered, please do so here to ensure you receive your calendar invites for the remaining webinars. 
Webinar 1: De-Risk Your Nonprofit’s Technology Platform and Increase Employee Happiness and Efficiency.
Key Themes:
  • Cloud and SaaS cybersecurity
    • Cloud and SaaS and why they are critical in today's cybersecurity environment (data sovereignty, Geo-redundancy)
  • Usability and integration
    • Demo of platform usability - integration with Azure AD, Office/Outlook, Personalization
  • All-in-one solutions
    • Demo UI and benefits of integration
  • Data-driven decision-making
    • Demo of powerBI and dashboards
Watch the Webinar Recording →Download the Technology Risk Assessment →
Webinar 2: Empowering Your Nonprofit with Key Finance Features to Overcome Industry Challenges
Key Themes:
  • How to get control of your budgets
  • Budget availability, even when users are too busy to check!
  • Demo of real-time budget checking
  • System-generated approvals that prove you are complying with organizational policies
    • Demo of approvals functionality
  • Real-time on-demand access that does not depend on the finance team’s efforts
    • Demo of reporting and analytics reports
Watch the Webinar Recording →Download the Finance Health Assessment →
Webinar 3: Enhancing Nonprofit Operations Through Integrated HR, Payroll, and Scheduling Solutions
Key Themes: 
  • Integration for Seamless Workflows
    • Demo of integrated processes in HR, Payroll and Scheduling
  • Streamlining Staff Scheduling
    • Demo of core scheduling features
  • Managing EE Changes with HR Requests
    • Demo of HR requests and leave management
Watch the Webinar Recording →HRP Health Assessment Available After Oct. 17th

Let's talk about your next move.

Sparkrock is the ideal partner for nonprofit organizations looking to move to a more modern cloud solution. With years of experience, Sparkrock has helped numerous nonprofits successfully make the transition to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the complexities of your sector. We use a structured approach that ensures a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your organization's day-to-day operations.

When you choose Sparkrock, you can trust that you're getting a partner who is committed to your success. Contact Sparkrock today and take the first step toward a more efficient and effective ERP solution!

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