How ERP Software Can Help Your Tribal Government

American Indian tribal governments have very specific and unique needs — particularly from an accounting, budgeting and reporting standpoint. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms can provide the cohesive technology needed for tribal governments to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. However, when choosing an ERP solution for a tribal government, there are some specific features and capabilities to look for.

By having a better understanding of what ERP software can do for your tribal government and what to look for when selecting an ERP solution, you can make the right decisions to better support your Native American community.

Benefits of ERP Software for Tribal Governments

One of the primary purposes of an ERP platform is to take a number of paper-based and/or manual processes within an organization and transform them into digital processes. Likewise, many processes can become automated once they are digitized, saving even more time and money for the average tribal government organization.

Some common examples of government processes that can be digitized and even automated through ERP software may include:

  • Maintaining a general ledger
  • Financial reporting
  • Fund accounting
  • Project/grant management
  • Budgeting
  • Invoicing
  • Procurement/payment

With the implementation of just one easy-to-use platform, tribal governments can integrate many of their finance, payroll, reporting and HR management processes. This reduces or even eliminates the need for time-consuming and laborious manual processes while reducing the risk of error. The greater efficiency, accuracy and security afforded by an ERP platform empowers tribal governments to better serve their communities not just now — but for generations to come.

Choosing the Right ERP Solution for Your Tribal Government

While there are many ERP platforms on the market, tribal governments need to explore solutions that are designed specifically with the unique needs and rights of an American Indian tribe in mind. The right platform for a tribal government will be created around the understanding that your government has its own rights protected by the Constitution and that some of the regulations and other processes that would be "typical" in a standard government agency may not apply.

Likewise, tribal governments are encouraged to research and select an ERP solution that will be as seamless as possible to implement. This way, government departments can reduce the costs of training government employees on how to use the new platform. Meanwhile, the risk of user error can also be mitigated.

Sparkrock 365 is Here to Help

Sparkrock 365 is proud to offer next-generation ERP software designed explicitly with tribal governments and their people in mind. Specifically, our ERP solution works with an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) known as Arctic IT — which understands the needs of tribal governments inside and out. Meanwhile, Sparkrock's proprietary Tribal Platforms® Enrollment makes it possible to manage more than 400,000 member records across the United States.

Our ERP solution is also enhanced with the power of Dynamics 365, allowing for centralized reporting and easy budgeting/forecasting for your tribal council.

These specific systems and features allow us to empower tribal governments to best serve their people and communities for generations to come. And, of course, we understand how important the security of tribal government services is, so we have a number of security and stability measures in place for added protection and peace of mind.

We've already worked with a number of tribal governments across the country — so we understand first-hand the features that are needed to serve you best.

Ready to find out more about how Sparkrock 365 can empower your tribal government by streamlining your financial management systems and much more? Contact us today to learn more about our ERP solutions for tribal governments.

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