How AI has the Potential to Improve School Systems

Four students raise their hands in the air with glee. Administrators who use education ERPs with AI can spend more time focusing on student engagement.

Imagine if schools had time to truly hone in on the most critical issues: improving student learning outcomes, making data-driven instructional decisions, increasing community and parent involvement, and maintaining a positive school climate. Our students, staff, and communities would thrive.

Unfortunately, school staff spends too much time on repetitive, low-value tasks. Whether it's tracking professional development hours or manually inputting student performance data, there is a wealth of time to be saved. AI has the capacity to take these tasks away from staff so that they can focus on what really matters.

Microsoft, Sparkrock 365’s parent company, made an exciting announcement recently to include openAI in all its programs. With this cutting-edge technology, AI-powered ERP solutions have the potential to reshape schools by improving how they approach data analysis and resource allocation.

Using AI to Improve Data Analysis

Schools use data to assess student achievement, teacher efficacy, graduation rates, and so much more. This intelligence can help schools improve their data analysis by tracking information, reducing errors, and streamlining processes.

With AI embedded into our ERP solution, it has the ability to transform how schools use data on:

  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Performance


Teachers are in short supply and it can be difficult to get supplies in to cover shifts. Districts have used communication tools to connect potential supply teachers with opportunities to cover for absences. With AI solutions, there’s a huge potential for district leaders to use a more thoughtful approach to staff absenteeism. Imagine having the ability to ask your ERP what staff have open opportunities for covering specific classes. While this might seem like a fever dream, AI is making it a reality. To top it off, district leaders will be able to ask the system what staff have had repeated absences and look further into the data to focus on strategies to intervene and provide additional support when needed. Attendance data interventions through an AI-powered ERP will empower strong partnerships between staff and school.


Have you ever considered the behavior of your team throughout the school year? No, not that kind of behavior, we’re talking purchasing behavior. AI has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and can enable better real-time and accurate insights. The ERP system can be used to analyze historical data on purchasing behavior patterns and inventory, including any RFP, supply chain, or facility information in your system. If your team purchased large amounts from a supplier that was late or had additional charges, you will be able to make informed decisions on the information you may have forgotten from years past. These data metrics can help district leaders identify areas of opportunities and growth.


Generating reports on how a school or district is doing can take lots of time and staff members to complete. AI in ERPs can help decrease the time it takes to create these reports and ensure performance is analyzed in a timely manner. Generative AI can assist in generating administrative documents, reports, and communications, all the while reducing errors from manual input. This will allow more time to be spent on more complex tasks and ensure informed decision-making can lead to effective education management.

Using AI to Streamline Resource Allocation

Resource allocation isn’t typically at the forefront of conversations about student achievement. However, managing school resources is a critical factor in supporting high quality teaching and learning. With AI-powered ERP solutions, district leaders have the potential to promote greater organizational capacity. The better a district is able to allocate its resources, the more effectively and efficiently the system will operate.

AI has the potential to streamline resource allocation in three areas:

  • Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Technology and supplies


AI enhancements in ERP systems can help schools automate administrative tasks, freeing up personnel to be used elsewhere. For example, it can help automate performance review to inform district leaders what staff are due for training opportunities, reducing the need for administrative staff to spend time on these tasks. Instead, they can direct their energies towards more high-value tasks. AI can also analyze past data and trends to make predictions about staffing solutions for the programs and classes offered.


AI-infused ERP’s can help schools optimize resource allocation by identifying areas where resources are being over or underutilized. With its intelligence and predictive analyses, it can analyze data on classroom usage to determine the most efficient way to schedule classes and allocate space. For example, it can identify classrooms that are frequently empty and suggest better ways to use them.

Technology and Supplies

Using predictive analytics, ERP solutions with AI capabilities can use past data and trends to predict future supply needs and training opportunities. This can help school districts make data-driven decisions about where to invest their financial resources to have the greatest impact on students. If a district requires more special education or early education professionals, the system can provide answers for where to add additional resources. This provides schools with the ability to better support students and reduce workload of current teachers.

AI: An Instrument for Change

Some people fear the development of AI tools and the potential negative impact on education. However, with the right mindset, AI can be a tool that districts leverage to improve their systems.

Through better data analysis, streamlined resource allocation, and improved community engagement, AI-powered ERP systems can free staff from low-level tasks and allow them to tackle more meaningful challenges.

It has the potential to transform school systems by allowing educators to focus on what really matters: the students and their community. 
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