6 Risks of Not Moving to The Cloud

Your initiatives are underpinned by ERP software that allows seamless communication between departments and adaptive tools that meet your needs. But odds are you’re probably hosting that software, your data, and the whole of your IT infrastructure somewhere on your premises or perhaps in a co-location facility. The control that hosting everything locally affords you is excellent, but it comes with risks that can outweigh that benefit. Which is why if your organization isn’t already looking at backing up on and/or migrating your data to an external cloud, it’s time to start.

What is a cloud deployment? Instead of storing and managing your data on internal servers, all the infrastructure required to run applications is managed by the solution provider.

This typically includes all server patches, backups and disaster recovery. So why move the primary maintenance of your data to the cloud?

Having a cloud deployment with your data out of your local environment, even if it’s back-up copies, is essential for the simple reason that hardware is not forever. No matter how well you maintain your servers, they’re subject to wear and tear, can suffer minor damages that lead to larger problems, or can be destroyed altogether. Sometimes even by freak accidents – as in one case of an organization we know who changed to external cloud storage after a bird flew into a vent, causing a short in the cooling system, which destroyed all the servers on site. Don’t lose your data to angry birds.

At Sparkrock we’re partnered with Microsoft’s servers for cloud storage. Why? Because Microsoft’s trusted in-country servers meet all federal requirements for data residency, and their team of more than 5,000 cybersecurity professionals ensures that their data, and yours, is as secure as possible. There’s no other organization providing cloud storage services that can compete with that level of experience and expertise.

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Though we often fear external hacking, internal security issues are the most common form of data breach. But cloud systems use role-based permissions, so employees only ever have access to the data they should be able to see. And even IT only has access to your public data. So your data stays where it’s supposed to and you never lose access or control.

On-premise data storage comes with a lot of benefits, however, low costs is not truly one of them when the total cost of ownership is considered. Between upgrades and maintenance your organization is looking at ever-expanding expenses that come with unexpected service fees. And when the storage technology changes, as it inevitably does, you’re looking at considerable time and still more money to upgrade your existing hardware. Using cloud storage offers you a lower annual fee for consistent, uninterrupted access, and the latest tools and support.

Your organization’s IT personnel need to be focused on frontline problems and long-term goals like providing better access, serving more clients, and proving program impact. Cloud providers like Microsoft have resources most organizations can only dream of — resources like thousands of database and security experts say they dedicate to protecting and maintaining your data.

Look at the systems your frontline staff, clients, students, volunteers, or community use. Those programs drive results and help you improve program impact. In an ideal world, your back office and admin could just operate as needed in the background while your IT team focused on improving and managing those frontline systems. With cloud storage, you get the support you need to live in that world.

Your organization needs the best tools to ensure your work benefits as many people as possible. It’s why you adopt the best technology and the safest systems to protect your data.

Sparkrock provides enterprise software (ERP) that includes finance, workforce management, payroll and employee scheduling built for Not-for-Profit organizations, Health and Human Services, and Educational Institutions. Our enterprise level software ensures that your organization harnesses the same technology that the profit sector uses to reduce complexity and digitally transform their finance, procurement, payroll, and workforce management departments.

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