4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs Enterprise-Level Software

software for nonprofit organizations

When you manage a Nonprofit organization, you have to be conscious of your time management and budgeting at all times. After all, time is money — and every dollar wasted has a negative impact on your mission.

Unfortunately, if you're still handling your payroll, workforce management, human resources and other administrative tasks manually, your Nonprofit is probably wasting a lot of time and funding. By making the switch to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you can begin automating many of these tasks while enjoying numerous other benefits.

1. Improve Grant Management

If your nonprofit is like many others, you rely heavily on grants and other funding to continue your operation. Unfortunately, tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks can take valuable time away from managing these. By switching to reliable ERP software, your nonprofit can make better use of its time and free up working hours to apply for more grants while also more accurately tracking current expenditures through automated reporting.

2. Avoid Budgeting Issues

Tracking your organization's spending and keeping a close eye on your budgeting is made easier with ERP software. In fact, an ERP platform even makes it easy to set up alerts so that you are notified when a project goes over budget or when money is spent. By knowing that your organization is sticking to its budget at all times, your nonprofit can more confidently work towards its mission of helping others while utilizing less time tracking spending.

3. Enhance Fund Management

Nonprofits also tend to work with many different funding sources at any given time, complicating things from a budgeting perspective. Keeping track of budgeting and spending through different funding sources can be confusing and time-consuming — and with so many moving parts, there is always a chance of miscalculation or other errors.

With an ERP solution, your Nonprofit can enjoy automated tracking of all your funding and spending — even when it's from multiple sources. You can also take advantage of things like automated reporting and easy management and filtering of different funds to suit your needs.

4. Streamline Reporting

Accurate reporting is a must when you run a Nonprofit organization. Whether you're pitching to a possible donor or are presenting to current contributors, being able to showcase data in an easy-to-interpret manner helps your case. With ERP software, you can enjoy seamless and automated reporting, which saves you time and allows you to present to your donors (and potential donors) with greater confidence.

Different Types of ERP Software Available

Not sure where to begin when it comes to ERP solutions for your Nonprofit organization? There are a couple of main types to choose from: SaaS and cloud-based.

SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms are essentially out-of-the-box solutions that run on the vendor's servers and operate using an internet connection. Many nonprofits enjoy this type of ERP solution due to the low operational expenses, easy scalability and automated upgrades/updates.

With a cloud-based ERP platform, all software is handled through a remote server. This allows users to access the software from just about any device with an internet connection. A cloud-based ERP solution can be a sensible choice for Nonprofits that need quick and easy transfer of data, as well as easy maintenance and predictable long-term costs.

Ultimately, the best ERP solution for your organization will depend on your budget and specific needs. Some solutions are more customizable than others, whereas others may offer steadier long-term costs.

Make the Switch to an ERP Solution Today

An ERP platform can make all the difference in any nonprofit organization’s day-to-day operations. And while there are many solutions to choose from, Sparkrock's innovative ERP software is specifically designed with nonprofit organizations in mind. Reach out to the Sparkrock team today to learn more about our services and see what our software can do for your nonprofit!

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