York Region District School Board

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Committed to meeting the increasing demand for school space and growth while maintaining the focus on success and achievement that keeps York Region students performing consistently above the provincial average.


Many of their processes with their system were painfully time consuming and labour intensive. From a purchasing perspective, the board had virtually nothing to go off of for reporting and there was little visibility into the process itself.


Implemented K12 Finance Solution. The YRDSB finance team operates more strategically and proactively with faster access to data and leveraging robust reporting tools. For bank reconciliations, they used to all be done externally from their system, but now with the integration of the General Ledger, it can all be done within the solutions.


Since implementing Sparkrock, the YRDSB finance team operates more strategically and proactively with faster access to data and leveraging robust reporting tools. The increased visibility of real-time data has been extremely useful for purchasing

"These areas where time and effort is saved benefit all members of the school board, although getting all school users on board for a new system can be tough. It is a big change, but ultimately once users learn the new system they truly enjoy it.”


A few of the ways the board got the user level enticed by the potential of the solution is with functionalities such as reporting. These new reports are being delivered to them every month, showing them more and more data that pertains to them, which allows them to become excited about how the solution can improve their work. By demonstrating what the solution can do for them, it combats the uncertainty of having to learn something new.

"We’ve seen Sparkrock grow as a company over the years and their response times are amazing. They listen to what we need and what we’re looking for, and it’s clear they have a dedication to being involved with their customers from their regular on-site visits."
~ Dan Reynolds, Senior Manager of Finance

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