Understanding the Importance of Connectivity and Accessibility in K-12 Education

Male teacher sits on desk and smiles at camera while his middle grade students sit head down writing their tests.

In order for a solution to enable and empower its users, it must first be usable. In the context of K-12 education, that means it must not only be intuitive but also easily accessible. Moreover, accessibility must extend not solely to students but also to faculty and staff, as well. 

Unfortunately, this is a concept with which EdTech has traditionally struggled to contend, as was made clear in the early days of COVID-19. 

"My children were frustrated to tears many days because they couldn't access things like their work, a shared video, or class activity in time," writes UX Collective's Nicole Gallardo. "I also spoke with several teachers who were so burnt out and overwhelmed by the poor user experience that they were considering a career change."

The right EdTech solution makes the classroom more accessible to students, allowing them to easily see and manage timetables, schedules, assignments, and payments. It also makes teaching more accessible to educators, providing them with a seamless way to remotely manage their lesson plans, forms, and employee information. Finally, EdTech must empower administrators to support both teachers and students with data-driven decision-making.

Accessible from anywhere and on any device, Sparkrock offers a sophisticated, AI-driven ERP tailored to fulfill the unique needs of K-12 education. With Sparkrock, school districts can: 

  1. Create a better classroom experience for students. 
  2. Empower teachers and support staff. 
  3. Streamline administrative processes.

Alongside the software developed by Sparkrock subsidiary Edsembli, Sparkrock 365 maximizes visibility, operational efficiency, and ease of access through a powerful all-in-one ecosystem. 

With Sparkrock, districts can ensure both employee and student information is readily accessible through rich digital records and intuitive, advanced search tools. In addition to promoting deeper parental and student engagement, Sparkrock can help your district budget more efficiently, improve teacher retention, and break down the data silos that exist between HR, payroll, and finance. More importantly, it achieves all this through the cloud, with full support for distributed and hybrid learning — no on-premises installation required. 

Student achievement and academic growth both begin with a positive classroom experience. Edsembli's robust, purpose-built student information system transforms how students learn, improving both student engagement and parental involvement. Key features include:

  • A family portal that connects teachers and parents and supports secure file sharing, messaging, and collaboration while also providing a full overview of a student's activities. 
  • An intuitive dashboard where students can manage and review their schedules, assignments, activities, and extracurriculars. 
  • Pre-populated forms for documentation including permission slips and registration, reducing the amount of time both staff and students spend dealing with paperwork. 
  • Secure access on any device and from any network so that students can learn no matter where they are. 

Student engagement aside, the best way to promote positive outcomes is by giving educators access to the right tools. Together with Sparkrock 365, Edsembli's HRP and SIS software solutions allow educators to automate their workflows, pursue professional development, and develop and deliver more effective education, whether virtually or in the classroom. Key features include: 

  • An employee self-service portal with personalized profiles, access to tax and policy documentation, and insights into professional development, attendance, and assignments. 
  • An intuitive dashboard that allows educators to configure events and lesson plans, bulk apply grades and comments, and unlock deep insights into student performance, attendance, and achievement. 
  • Support for single-sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA) with remote, permission-based access. 
  • Access to forms that streamline performance appraisals, certifications, timesheet submissions, expensing, and more. 

Administrators are the glue that holds together everything else in the district. Sparkrock 365 and Edsembli help administrators reduce errors and data duplication, more effectively manage employee records, improve resource allocation, and streamline their district's back-office processes. Key features include: 

  • Automated, integrated workflows for finance, human resources, payroll and scheduling with intuitive built-in reporting and compliance functionality.  
  • A centralized database and consolidated, full-featured K-12 software. 
  • Occupational position control, governance and asset management with insights on budgeted vs. actual FTE. 
  • Sophisticated generative AI that allows users to ask about operations using straightforward, plain language.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of effective education. K-12 school districts can no longer afford to rely on outdated, fragmented software. They need a consolidated set of intuitive, purpose-built tools aligned with modern education. Built on the secure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, Sparkrock 365 provides exactly that.

Through a combination of artificial intelligence and powerful finance and workforce management tools, Sparkrock simplifies back-office administration and allows school districts to leave paper-based processes in the past. What's more, through integration with Edsembli HRP and SIS, Sparkrock empowers teachers, engages students, and supports a more efficient, engaging, and effective student experience.

Reach out today if you're ready to transform how your school district operates.  

Are you ready to spark change?

With Sparkrock 365, you'll have the tools to manage your finances and workforce more efficiently so you can focus on what you do best. Go from paper-based processes to intelligent online workflows, and access the data you need to make a real difference in your community.
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